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Cairns Unlimited expects a new addition…

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

If you read Maria’s last blog entry carefully, you will already know our big news. Our latest visit to the sonographer has now revealed that the ever growing bump is going to be a little boy!!

Maria’s parents are due to arrive in December and will be staying until after junior arrives in mid February. I guess we are in for some changes over the coming year or so…

He’s a good looking little bloke, isn’t he? Maria needed the sonographer’s reassurance; “he’s not going to look like that when he comes out, is he???”

 You might be able to make out his tiny left hand in the ultrasound on the left… just above his forehead. Several times during the scan, he brought that hand up and brushed the left side of his head. Alternately, he brought his right hand to his mouth a couple of times, as if sipping from a stubby