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…the coldest March morning in 50 years!!

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Who says it’s always warm in the Tropics? This morning, Cairns suffered the cruelty of its coldest March morning in more than fifty years. The sudden cold snap sent locals scurrying for their fur coats and huddling together to conserve body warmth. It is almost April, but nobody expected the weather to change so dramatically. It was just without warning. So far, there have been no reports of fatalities caused by this extreme weather.

Official reports claim that in the wee hours of this morning, the 31st March 2009, the mercury plummetted to just 17.7 degrees.

 Brrrr…. almost enough to make you consider closing the bedroom windows… 

a new home for Cairns Unlimited

Friday, March 27th, 2009

It’s almost April, and what a tumultuous two years it’s been since Maria and I left our apartment in Madrid to start a new life with Cairns Unlimited. In the weeks leading up to our flight to Australia, we had to set up our office in a friend’s apartment in Madrid, then pack it all up again for the move. Upon arrival in Australia, there were two brand new Dell computers waiting for us at my mother’s place, so that became our temporary office… much to Mum’s dismay. Then the 2000 kilometre drive to Tropical North Queensland, where we based ourselves in a Cairns backpackers hostel until we found temporary accommodation in a Cairns sharehouse with wireless internet. After a couple of months, it was another move to another temporary (but better!) location in a duplex belonging to a friend of ours. Then to our townhouse on Cairns’ Northern Beaches, which served as our home and our headquarters for the last seventeen months… how time flies when you’re having fun!

But we always knew that the townhouse would be too small in the long term, and with our Digital Underwater Camera rental business growing in leaps and bounds, the return trip from Yorkeys Knob to Cairns every morning and every evening was starting to become tiresome. So if you’re wondering why our blog has been so quiet over recent weeks, it’s because we have been through the upheaval of moving house… again!

It took a lot of searching; we viewed a lot of properties before we found one that suited us. Being as we work from home, our home needs to be much more than just a place to sleep. And with the different sides to our business, we need more space - one office to work in and another to store and prepare the cameras each day. We also wanted to be within ten minutes drive of the CBD, and were hoping for a home that would provide a pleasant space to spend almost all of our waking (and sleeping) hours.

So here we are now settled into our new home, overlooking the Cairns skyline and Trinity Inlet. We have had our first houseguests, friends of ours from Spain who are in the middle of a twelve month round-the world trip with their two little girls. I have christened our new barbie, and we are enjoying our new neighbourhood, and the reduced travel time each morning and evening. This is the view from our upstairs balcony, with Cairns CBD to the right and Trinity Inlet to the left, leading out to Green Island, Fitzroy Island and the Great Barrier Reef.

I want to set up a live webcam on our balcony so readers can check in and see what Cairns looks like at any given time of day, but it is a a confusing process, with a dazzling array of different cameras to choose from and nobody who seems authoritative enough to recommend a particular one to suit our needs. Anyone??