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Mission Beach

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

After a very busy and hectic week, we decided to take some time off yesterday and go for a drive to Mission Beach, south of Cairns, on the Cassowary Coast. We cannot believe it’s already almost a year since we stopped at Mission Beach on our way to Cairns. Time definitely flies. However, this time we weren’t as stressed (starting a completely new life on the other side of the world is a good cause to be stressed) and the weather was absolutely beautiful. So we had a wonderful and relaxing day, that started as soon as I left Steve drive.

We set up early in the morning after working for an hour or so (we’ve already told you we are getting busier by the day, haven’t we?), and our first stop for the day was Brampston Beach, a few kilometres east of Babinda. As it is fairly usual in Australia, we found ourselves completely alone in a fantastic beach, long and deserted, as you can see in the photos.

Then we continued our way to Mission Beach, a fabulous spot of the east coast of Australia. We stop here for lunch at the resort and I can tell you that had the most fantastic seafood basket ever (probably because it ’s the first time I actually order a seafood basket, normally I don’t go for fried fish, but it really was delicious). And we finished our meal with a fantastic caramel cheesecake.

The beaches here are absolutely breathtaking, just have a look at the photos and decide for yourself.

And just before heading home we made a short visit to Tully River, just outside the fruit picking town of Tully, hoping we would still see people white water rafting there. Unfortunately we were a bit too late and they had already left, but we got to see why the river is so good for this sport. But what we saw were lots of backpackers in the streets of this quiet town, whom we assume are here on their working holiday visa.

Cairns Unlimited in Spanish!!!

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Some of you may have realised that I haven’t written anything for ages. It is not that I have been lazy, or out partying or enyoing the wonders of our region. In fact, I’ve been really busy translating a huge amount of the Cairns Unlimited website into Spanish. Since my Spanish is nearly perfect and lots of Spanish speaking people who come to Australia would rather deal with someone in Spanish, we thought that could be our niche. And since yesterday, we have a new baby:


A few weeks ago we started helping people to plan their trip all over Australia and not only Tropical North Queensland. So the main difference between the Spanish site and the English site is that the first one will also have information, in Spanish, about destinations outside Tropical North Queensland. Cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Ayers Rock, Brisbane or Darwin, will have their own section, with information about the city itself, a bit about the accommodation and restaurants, getting there and what to see and visit in the city and surroundings. For instance, the page about Sydney also includes information about the Blue Mountains.

We have also included two completely new pages: Average temperatures in Australia and Driving distances.

This is an ongoing process that I reckon will never be finished. Keep checking back, more and more pages and information about Australia is continously added to both our English page and Spanish one.

And I have to include a little note in Spanish.

Finalmente tenemos Cairns Unlimited en castellano. Ha sido un largo proceso que no está, ni mucho menos, completado, ya que iremos añadiendo nuevas página e información según vayamos viendo la necesidad.

La diferencia principal entre Cairns Unlimited en inglés y en castellano en que en ésta última sección incluiremos mucha información sobre otros destinos de Australia, como son Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, Kakadu, etc. Esta información la incluiremos poco a poco, pero de momento podéis ver lo que hay en CAIRNS UNLIMITED EN ESPAÑOL Destinos en Queensland y otros estados, información sobre visados, temperaturas medias en Australia, distancias entre las principales ciudades de Australia…

Por supuesto, nuestra tarea no se queda tan solo en ofreceros una página web informativa. Cualquier duda que tengáis, cualquier pregunta, estamos aquí para ayudaros. Estamos encantados de planearos y cotizaros un itinerario que se adapte 100% a lo que buscáis en Australia. Y lo mejor de todo: nosotros no cobramos ningúna comisión añadida al precio que hoteles, tour operadores o empresas de coches de alquiler cobran, por lo que reservar tus vacaciones con Cairns Unlimited, es, sin duda, la forma más asequible de viajar a Australia. Contarás con un servicio impecable, fiable y profesional sin pagar por ello (nuestra comisión proviene de las empresas finales en sí, nunca de nuestros clientes).

Recuerda que además alquilamos cámaras de fotos acuáticas, con los precios más bajos de Cairns, para que inmortalices tu excursión para hacer subarinismo o snorkel a la Gran Barrera del Coral. No te las pierdas!!!

Y nos vemos pronto en Australia.

“Guess that photo” competition

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Cairns Daily Blog - news and views from our life in Tropical North Queensland.It’s competition time again, and this time it’s everybody’s favourite, “guess that photograph”. It’s not an easy one… at least I don’t think it’s easy. Let’s see how clever Cairns Unlimited readers are!!

Oh, it’s not the picture on the right (that’s me with a hangover!). It’s the picture below.
For more details of the competition, please visit our COMPETITIONS page, and get your entries in to win a great prize.

In keeping with our extremely strict and serious rules here at Cairns Unlimited, consolation prizes will be awarded to the closest not-quite-correct guess, and the most embarrassingly ridiculous guess.

Guess what this is a photgraph of, and win a great prize.

Please don’t post your entry here as a comment (cause then other people will see it). Go to our COMPETITIONS page and follow the instructions to enter the competition.