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“Guess that photo” competition

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Cairns Daily Blog - news and views from our life in Tropical North Queensland.It’s competition time again, and this time it’s everybody’s favourite, “guess that photograph”. It’s not an easy one… at least I don’t think it’s easy. Let’s see how clever Cairns Unlimited readers are!!

Oh, it’s not the picture on the right (that’s me with a hangover!). It’s the picture below.
For more details of the competition, please visit our COMPETITIONS page, and get your entries in to win a great prize.

In keeping with our extremely strict and serious rules here at Cairns Unlimited, consolation prizes will be awarded to the closest not-quite-correct guess, and the most embarrassingly ridiculous guess.

Guess what this is a photgraph of, and win a great prize.

Please don’t post your entry here as a comment (cause then other people will see it). Go to our COMPETITIONS page and follow the instructions to enter the competition.