This pocket of the Atherton Tablelands is full of wonders, a region that combines natural splendour with old world pioneering charm. Yungaburra hosts the Tablelands' most popular markets, and is home to the incredible Curtain Fig Tree. The nearby volcanic crater lakes of Eacham and Barrine are perfect picnic spots, and the crystal clear waters make for a refreshing dip.


Just ten minutes east of Atherton lies the historic town of Yungaburra, a very popular tourist destination on the Cairns Highlands. The town began, in the early 1880's, as nothing more than an overnight stop for miners and settlers who came from the coast on their way to the tin mines and gold fields farther west. The railway reached the area in 1910. A sawmill was established, and a brief period of rapid development ensued, but Yungaburra has remained largely unchanged since then, and the streets exude a romantic, old world charm that many visitors find quite hypnotizing. There are no less than 18 Heritage Listed buildings in the town, making Yungaburra the largest National Trust village in Queensland.

The Atherton Tablelands has a thriving local art and music scene, and Yungaburra, with more than its share of galleries, is a focal point for musicians and artists around the Highlands. The Yungaburra craft and produce markets, held on the fourth Saturday of each month, attracts over 300 stall holders, selling all manner of arts and crafts, local produce, and homemade foods. The markets are a huge attraction for both visitors and residents of surrounding areas.

Just outside Yungaburra - in fact you can walk there - is the Atherton Tablelands' most famous tree, the 800 year old CURTAIN FIG, a fig tree with the vines hanging down giving it the appearance of curtains. This rainforest giant stands 50 meters tall and spreads to 39 meters wide at the base.

Yungaburra's central location between Lake Tinaroo and the Crater Lakes of Barrine and Eacham makes the town an ideal base for any visitor interested in recreational activities including sailing, boating, swimming, canoeing, bushwalking, water-skiing and sail boarding.

SERVICES: Yungaburra has a petrol station, two small supermarkets, a pub and an impressive range of eateries. There is a police station in town, a post office, and a medical centre. Public telephones are across the road from the pub, and ATM services are available in the Foodmarket.


Lake Barrine and Lake Eacham are volcanic crater lakes, 65 metres deep, brimming with crystal clear water and surrounded by lush tropical highland rainforest. This rich, volcanic area has some of the best rainforests in Australia, draped with epiphytic ferns and mosses, and huge strangler figs wrapping their roots around their host trees. In volcanic terms, these lakes are relatively 'new', formed as recently as 12,000 years ago by massive explosions of superheated water vapour under the earth's crust. But this is an ancient land, and the Kauri trees of Crater Lakes National Park are almost identical to fossil Kauris found in 300 million year old rocks.

In contrast to their violent beginnings, the Crater Lakes provide a peceful, tranquil retreat. Lake Eacham is fed by underground springs, so it maintains a constant water level, even in periods of drought. It is popular for swimming and canoeing. There's a three kilometre walking track around the lake, that takes about 45 minutes. Lake Barrine is not as good for swimming, but visitors can enjoy a cruise on the lake and a Devonshire tea in the teahouse. Lake Barrine's six kilometre circuit track takes you through rainforests of Giant Kauri Pines, Cedar Trees and Flowering Umbrella trees. Keep an eye out for the twin Giant Kauris, over 1,100 years old - near Lake Barrine. Sadly, the massive Red Cedar - the only one of its size in Australia - fell during Cyclone Larry in March 2006.

The deep blue water of volcanic Lake Barrine, on the Atherton Tablelands. The invitingly clear blue waters of Lake Eacham, on the Atherton Tablelands.


Lake Eacham - Yungaburra
Phone (07) 4095 2986


Free pick up and drop off at your local accommodation!

With a range of package tours... or design your own joyride... what better way to experience the stunning Atherton Tablelands than from the back of a trike?

Feel the exhilaration of the wind in your hair as you travel around our beautiful area. Take in the sights without having to worry about getting lost or driving around unfamiliar roads. John is a fully qualified trike operator, and will take the time to make your tour unforgettable.

* One hour Joy Rides
* 2 hr Pub Crawl
* 3 hr Sight Seeing Tour
* 4 Hr Wine and Coffee Tour
* 4 Hr Military History Tour
* Overnight Cape York Package
* Build your own Tour

Visit Paronella Park and the Atherton Tablelands famous Waterfall Circuit. NORTHERN EXPERIENCE ECO TOURS
Phone (07) 4058 0268

Astound and invigorate your senses in the Cairns Southern Tropical Highlands!

Northern Experience Eco Tours tour south of Cairns for a full day out travelling through the magnificent World Heritage Wet Tropics rainforests of Wooroonooran National Park, swimming in waterfalls, travelling through the Atherton Tablelands, and visiting local must see attractions such as beautiful Lake Barrine, Millaa Millaa Falls and Curtain Fig Tree. A highlight is the runied Spanish castle in Paronella Park (one man's inspiration and dream).

Travel in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle with local naturalist guides and experience the uniqueness of the Tropics and the diversity of our beautiful tropical rainforests.

Northern Experience has a wealth of local and historical knowledge and a firm commitment to the comfort, fun, entertainment and enjoyment of our guests. We include unique music, legends from the Aboriginal Dreamtime and stories of almost anything you want to know while on tour.

Food and wine tour from Port Douglas in Tropical North Queensland.
Phone (07) 4098 5059 from Port Douglas from Cairns and Northern Beaches

A Foodie tour of the Atherton Tablelands... departing from Cairns OR Port Douglas!

This unique food and wine experience will be tasting some of the best food and wine that the Atherton Tablelands has to offer. Guests will travel through a variety of contrasting landscapes from lush rainforest, crops, dairyland to stunning ochre savannah plains. The rich volcanic soil if the Atherton Tablelands supports a diversity of crops from bananas, coffee, sugar cane, avocados, mangoes, macadamia nuts, citrus and more... which you will learn about as you taste our way around the region's 'Food Bowl.'

Small Personalised Tours Specialising In Service EXCELLENCE - Maximum 12 Persons

Wines, Beers, Spirits, Cheeses, Coffee, Chocolate, Tropical Fruits, Indigenous Damper and Jams... and Platypus viewing!

The Best of the Atherton Tablelands tour, in Tropical North Queensland. The Best of the Atherton Tablelands tour, in Tropical North Queensland. THE BEST OF THE CAIRNS TABLELANDS - BY BILLY TEA SAFARIS
Phone (07) 4032 0077
Fax (07) 4032 0055

We carry travellers..... not tourists!!

Tropical North Queensland is undeniably one of the most exciting and diverse regions to visit in Australia and the Cairns Tablelands sits at the very heart of it. With its breathtaking waterfalls, scenic vistas at every turn, impressive lakes, lush rainforest and rugged outback, a visit to this region promises to be one of great contrast, beauty and exploration.

Billy Tea Safaris is a small locally owned Advanced Eco Accredited Tour Operator, which operates small personalised tours with custom built 4WD vehicles, maximum 16/20 passengers per vehicle, and your naturalist guides have extensive knowledge of flora, fauna, history of the area, together with experiencing the local lifestyle and culture of the people in the Tablelands. Your 'Best of the Cairns Tablelands' full day tour includes:

* Unlimited Coffee and Chocolate tasting for morning tea
* Herberton Historic Village
* Tropical fruit and local cheese tasting platter
* Smokehouse platter featuring a selection of handcrafted smoke meats including crocodile and Barramundi
* A main course lunch selection
* Sample locally crafted beer and wines from the region
* Visit the 500-year-old Curtain Fig Tree
* Millaa Millaa Falls

Visit the Atherton Tablelands famous Waterfall Circuit.Tour the rainforest with Captain Matty's Barefoot Tours. BAREFOOT TOURS
Phone (07) 4032 4525

Not your typical, rushed, overpriced tour!

At Barefoot Tours, they know you don't want to spend the day rushing from one place to another, with no time to really appreciate the beauty of nature around you- this is why their tours are all about relaxing and having a you beaut day out with no time restrictions!

Come on a fun filled tour through some of the most beautiful locations around the Atherton Tablelands! Swim in a volcanic crater lake, take a dip under breathtaking waterfalls and slide down a natural waterslide! If you're not a fan of water, don't worry, there's still plenty for you to see and do. Check out the amazing Cathedral Fig Tree, find loads of awesome photo opportunities and enjoy a tropical morning and afternoon tea!

Departs daily!

Delicious hand made icecreams and extraordinary strawberries. Come and pick your own strawberries on the Atherton Tablelands.Shaylee Strawberry Farm, between Atherton and Yungaburra, offers delicious natural gelato and sorbet.SHAYLEE STRAWBERRY FARM
Corner Gillies Highway and Marks Lane
(between Atherton and Yungaburra) (MAP)
Phone (07) 4091 2962 / Fax (07) 4091 4060


Simply irresistible!

Shaylee Strawberries is located between Atherton and Yungaburra, sitting at 700 metres above sea level. Shaylee's rich, red volcanic soil and temperate weather conditions are just right for the cultivation of large, succulent strawberries. These are at their best during tourist season, July to November.

So grab some delicious fresh strawberries and cool off with a refreshing natural Gelato or Sorbet, made from all natural products from the Atherton Tablelands.

Lake Barrine Cruises run two specially built cruise boats to take visitors around the lake in easy and luxury.LAKE BARRINE RAINFOREST CRUISE & TEAHOUSE
Gillies Highway, Yungaburra (MAP)
Phone (07) 4095 3847 / Fax (07) 4095 3260
Guided boat tours of Lake Barrine!

Whether you're interested in a fully guided boat tour of the lake and its creatures, a swim in the 10,000-year-old freshwater lake (along with a few friendly ducks), or a quick snack at the lakeside teahouse amongst beautiful terraced gardens, Lake Barrine offers one of the most beautiful and relaxing environments in the tropics. Lake Barrine Cruises run two specially built cruise boats with a total capacity of 170 which take visitors on the tour around the lake in ease and luxury

Lake Barrine is actually the crater left by a volcanic eruption approximately 10,000 years ago. And it is world famous for its informative relaxing rainforest and wildlife cruises around the volcanic crater brim. The 40-minute, 6km cruises provides a close-up view of one of the most complex and amazing rainforest eco-systems in the world.

Gillies Highway, Yungaburra
Phone / Fax (07) 4095 2144
The Chalet Rainforest Gallery in Yungaburra has many unique and wonderful items which are exclusive to our gallery. There is a large array of tempting items, all at very reasonable prices.

Departs from Tinaburra boat ramp
The comfortable all weather vessel of Lake Tinaroo Cruises departs from Yungaburra in the heart of the Cairns Highlands, Atherton Tablelands.

Lake Tinaroo
Phone (07) 4036 0134
Wakeboard, Kneeboard, Wakeskate, Ski or Slalom, Tubes. Half Day Tours or Full Day Tours. Transfers from Cairns can be arranged.

Yungaburra Markets, in the Atherton Tablelands, are open every fourth Saturday of the month.This is a genuine country market, the largest market in the Tablelands. It has become popular with tourists, but also attracts locals from a wide area. Run by the Parents and Citizens Association of the Yungaburra State School, profits from the stalls benefit the local children. Held on the 4th Saturday of each month, from 7:30am to 12:30pm, don't miss it if you're in the area.

If you're planning to stay in Yungaburra, be prepared to book your accommodation in advance. Note: In the month of December, the market is held on an alternate day so as to not conflict with the Christmas season.

The Kairi Markets are held every 2nd Sunday of the month in the Kairi Community Hall, from 7:30am until noon. It is a small market, but is charming and hospitable and it is ideal to find lots of plants, clothing, preserves and some livestock.

Yungaburra is one of just a small number of places in Australia where you stand a chance of viewing one of Australia's elusive monotremes in the wild. One of the best vantage points is the specially built viewing platform on Peterson's Creek, near Nick's Restaurant, but you can try your luck anywhere along the creek. The Allumbah Pocket is also a good spot. The best viewing times for platypus are early morning or late afternoon although you can sometimes see them on cloudy, overcast days.

The remarkable Curtin Fig Tree is just a 20 minute walk from Yungaburra. Starting at the Platypus viewing platform on Peterson's Creek, cross the bridge, and then follow the markers to the Curtain Fig Forest Reserve. This tree has been formed when seeds were deposited high in a host tree by birds. The fig tree has sent down aerial roots to the ground, and in time the host tree has died, leaving a huge curtain of aerial roots. Of course, you can drive there if you choose to, and the track from the carpark is wheelchair accessible.

Allumbah Pocket is a fairly new walking track and picnic area on Peterson's Creek which runs past Yungaburra. It leads to Frawley's Pool, a popular swimming hole and picnic area. Along the walk, you should also keep an eye out for the rare tree kangaroo, which is found in these forests.

With 18 buildings listed by the National Trust of Queensland, Yungaburra has the highest proportion of heritage listed buildings outside of regional centres in Queensland. Pick up an 'Old Town Loop' map from the Visitors Centre, in Cedar Street, or a local business, and take a stroll back in time, around the historic heart of Yungaburra Village.

From Yungaburra drive 15 minutes down the Gillies Highway towards the coast. Lake Barrine National Park is on the right and well signposted. The larger of the twin crater lakes, Lake Barrine has been operating as a tourist destination since the 1920's. Enjoy a lake cruise and a Devonshire tea at the Tea House on the waters edge. Spot the sunbathing pythons, eels, turtles, ducks and other water birds. Experience remnant Tableland Rainforest on the 6.5 kilometre walk around the lake. There is a short walk to the 1,100 year old Twin Kauri Pines. Picnic and toilet facilities are available.

From Yungaburra, drive 5 minutes down the Gillies Highway towards the coast, turn right at the Malanda Road, and then 300 metres along, turn left into the Crater Lakes National Park - Lake Eacham Section. It is a short but beautiful drive through the rainforest to a superb volcanic crater lake with deep emerald waters, perfect for swimming and a picnic on the grassy bank. The lake is surrounded by World Heritage Rainforest, with a 4.5 kilometre walking track around its perimeter. You may spot a musky rat kangaroo dart in front of you, or see the Boyds forest dragon sitting motionless on a tree limb, perfectly camouflaged. The brush turkeys stalk the picnic areas, and turtles and fish are seen in the lake. Barbecue and toilet facilities are available in the area.

Every year around the end of October, Yungaburra holds the Yungaburra Folk Festival. It is always scheduled to coincide with the Yungaburra Markets, and last the whole weekend. The festival features bush dancing, poetry, storytelling, fire-twirling, and concerts from famous Australian folk musicians. There is a small entry fee to get into the concerts, which are held in various venues around the town, but you're free to walk the town and soak up the atmosphere.

For more details of special events throughout the year, please check out our TROPICAL NORTH QUEENSLAND EVENTS CALENDAR.


Yungaburra accommodation ranges from luxurious spa retreats to historic pub style lodging and budget motel accommodation. Travelling families will find accommodation to suit their needs, with a number of holiday homes, cottages and apartments to choose from. There is a choice of bed and breakfast accommodation, as well as a backpackers hostel, and a tourist park with cabins, caravan sites and campgrounds. Scroll down or use the buttons on the right to choose your style of Yungaburra holiday accommodation.


20 Gillies Highway, Yungaburra
Phone (07) 4089 7000 / Fax (07) 4095 3377
Wide shady verandas, floodlit garden deck and private dining in the gazebo ooze colonial charm and our polite and charming staff will make you feel like part of the family.

The Lake Eacham Hotel, otherwsie known as the Yungaburra pub.Affordable Yungaburra accommodation at The Lake Eacham Hotel.LAKE EACHAM HOTEL
(Yungaburra Pub)
29 Gordonvale Road, Yungaburra (MAP)
Phone (07) 4095 3515 / Fax (07) 4095 3202
Traditional Aussie pub accommodation

The historic Lake Eacham Hotel in Yungaburra is affectionately known as the "Yungaburra Pub". Built early last century, this historic landmark is situated in the centre of Yungaburra village close to amenities, attractions and restaurants.

The hotel today offers friendly service and old fashioned country hospitality. The interior of the hotel still displays its original magnificence, a showpiece of Federation architecture, using locally felled and milled timbers like cedar and silky oak. Entering the hotel guests are surrounded by the charm, grace and grandeur of a bygone era. Exquisite timber paneling and fittings excite the senses and calm the soul as guests relax and enjoy homestyle meals, quality wines and good conversation with their friends - both old and new.

Lake Eacham Hotel offers affordable budget accommodation in quiet, comfortable rooms with ensuite facilities.

28 Gillies Highway Yungaburra
Phone (07) 4095 3168 / Fax (07) 4095 2099
The Curtain Fig Motel has been faithful to Yungaburra's colonial feel with its verandahs and timber railings, cosy rooms with timber trim and painted motifs, 'village atmosphere' and lush country gardens.

29 Gillies Highway, Yungaburra
Phone (07) 4095 3211 / Fax (07) 4095 3192
Yungaburra Park Motelis an ideal family motel set in tropical gardens right in the heart of Yungaburra Heritage Village. The motel offers large semi self contained rooms with verandah, barbecue and gazebo.

Cnr Lake Eacham Road and Oak Street, Yungaburra
Phone / Fax (07) 4095 3222
Small, stylish, quiet and peaceful, with ensuited rooms, restaurant, fragrant gardens and pool.


Lake Eacham
Phone / Fax (07) 4095 3754
Surrounded by tropical rainforest and close to beautiful Lake Eacham, Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodges offer one or five bedroom lodges with all the comforts of home in a tropical highland rainforest setting.

Lake Tinaroo
Phone (07) 4053 5153 / Fax (07) 4053 4320
Edgewater Lodge sleeps up to 16 people. There are two buildings - the Main House and the Bunkhouse. Located just 10 minutes from the picturesque village of Yungaburra.

76 Oleander Street, Yungaburra
Phone (07) 4059 0544 / Fax (07) 4059 2545
For the boaties, you can launch your boat in the nearby Tinaroo Dam. Grevillea has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This private holiday home has a unique character and is fully equipped and comfortably appointed with timber features throughout.

20 Oleander Drive, Lakeside Estate, Yungaburra
Mobile 0409 774 106 / Fax (07) 4097 6068
Perfect for families sleeping up to 8 guests comfortably (more on request), this 4 Star AAA Tourism rated, fully self-contained, 3 bedroom holiday house has water frontage to Lake Tinaroo. Located five minutes from Yungaburra.

4 Cedar Street, Yungaburra
Phone (07) 4095 2806
The Blue House is a stylish 1930's cottage situated in the centre of Yungaburra village and suitable for couples or family groups of up to seven people. As you enter The Blue House the quality and style greet you. The beautiful gardens are ideal for bird and butterfly watching.


Eacham Close, Lake Eacham
Phone (07) 4095 2322 / Fax (07) 4095 2233

Beautifully themed self contained cottages!

This tranquil Lake Eacham accommodation is set on the border of World Heritage Rainforest rainforest on the Atherton Tablelands

The luxury cottages are themed individually to make your stay just that bit more memorable. Choose from the 'Pioneer', reminiscent of a time past, to the oriental drama of the 'Bali', to the stonewashed walls of the 'Tuscany', and on to sail to a distant land in the 'Nautical', .

Awake to the sounds of birds... slide into a soothing spa... snuggle up in front of relaxing fire...feed the rainforest wallabies from your private verandah.

Spot the Victoria's Riflebird, a bird of Paradise displaying his bright colours for his mate.

Couples will love the romantic atmosphere of the award winning Mount Quincan Crater Retreat, in Yungaburra.Mount Quincan Crater Retreat, near Yungaburra on the Atherton Tablelands, offers luxurious accommodation in architecturally designed pole treehouses.MOUNT QUINCAN CRATER RETREAT
Peeramon Road, Yungaburra (MAP)
Phone / Fax (07) 4095 2255

Luxurious treehouses - seclusion & tranquility !

Situated in the heart of the Atherton Tablelands, the award winning Mt. Quincan Crater Retreat offers luxurious accommodation in architecturally designed pole cabins, nestled amongst some of Tropical North Queensland's most breathtaking scenery. Each fully self contained timber pole treehouse contains a king size bed, comfy sofa lounge, double spa, and wood fire. The double spa overlooks panoramic views of the tablelands whilst others have unique views of the Mt. Quincan Crater. The recently constructed Canopy Cabins feature (in addition to the double spa and double shower) a secluded outside deck and shower in the privacy of the treetops.

Also included are provisions for a full Tableland country breakfast each morning. Enjoy on your verandah with nature's wildlife. Watch for the rare tree climbing kangaroos. Mount Quincan Crater Retreat is an ideal couple's retreat destination or parents getaway. Perfect for a honeymoon location! A private paradise.

12 Wattle Close, Yungaburra
Phone / Fax (07) 4095 2152
For that perfect private holiday so close to all the major natural attractions we invite you to stay at Yungaburra Lakeside Holiday Apartment - an exclusive 4 star luxury self contained accommodation holiday experience with everything to offer - naturally!!

Yungaburra Township
Phone (07) 4095 3330 / Fax (07) 4095 3816
Award winning luxury cottages in Yungaburra, stylish & elegant in peaceful surrounds with natural beauty & wildlife. Two and three bedroom holiday cottage accommodation - beautifully appointed with additional amenities and services that set a new standard for holiday accommodation

24-26 Gillies Highway, Yungaburra
Phone (07) 4095 3023 / Fax (07) 4095 3300
Self-Contained. Spa-Wood Fire-King Bed-Reverse a/c. Built in 2002, sleeps up to 4. Couples and Families. Full Breakfast Included with lots of extras. Parking for boats and motor bikes.

3 Penda Street, Yungaburra
Phone 0417 646 088
Fully Self contained 1 and 2 bedroom cottages Fully Self contained 3 bedroom house 100 metres from historical Yungaburra and all facilities - set on seven acres of peaceful bush setting.


11 Pine Street, Yungaburra
Phone (07) 4039 1559
Originally built in 1926, this church is now a luxury B&B, with spa and king size bed. Guests will also find TV/ VIDEO/ DVD, comfy couches and a fully self contained country-style kitchen. Nightly rates; discounts for longer stays.

81 Kulara Road, Yungaburra
Phone (07) 4095 2299
Breamber B&B is situated on an elevated lake front property with stunning views across Lake Tinaroo and the Atherton Tablelands. The two luxury award-winning cabins, completed in 2006, are situated atop one of the highest hills on the lake Tinaroo frontage.

Lot 22 - Fox Close, (Cnr Old Boar Pocket Road)
Tinaroo Park, Yungaburra
Phone (07) 4055 6666
Fax (07) 4091 2543 / Mobile 0419 644 974
Tinaroo Acres Bed and Breakfast is a new three bedroom home, situated in 2.5 acres of land. The house is fully self-contained, sleeping up to eight people. Tinaroo Acres is located close to Yungaburra, Lake Tinaroo and the Crater Lakes.

Phone (07) 4095 3105
Gumtree on Gillies B&B is the perfect place for a secluded, romantic getaway. This bed and breakfast has four different themed gorgeous rooms to choose from. One of the rooms is fully self-contained. And in the best B&B tradition, a sumptuous breakfast is brought to your room every morning!!

Cedar Street, Yungaburra
Phone (07) 4095 3449 / Fax (07) 4095 3439
This historic property was totally restored to its former glory late in 2002 along with a few tasteful new additions. Luxury self contained air-conditioned suites. Guest lounge, fire place, pool table, wine bar, pool, spa.

Land Road, Via Lake Eacham
Phone (07) 4096 8360 / Fax (07) 4096 8230
A nature lover's paradise, and your own pole and timber luxury treehouse nestled into the rainforest with magnificent mountain views. All treehouses are fully self-contained featuring large spa baths and fireplaces. Total privacy is assured.

8 Oleander Drive, Lakeside, Yungaburra
Phone / Fax(07) 4095 2666
A purpose built bed and breakfast accommodation situated on the shores of Lake Tinaroo, within walking distance of the historical heritage village of Yungaburra. Two only private boutique spa suites, elegantly appointed and furnished.


34 Eacham Road, Yungaburra
Phone / Fax (07) 40952031
Choose from Dorm rooms, twins and doubles. Camping and vans are also welcome. Also offering half day Canoeing, Mountain Biking, Lakes and Waterfalls tours and their Night Canoeing Tour!


Lake Eacham Tourist Park, in the Atherton Tablelands.Lake Eacham Tourist Park, in the Atherton Tablelands.LAKE EACHAM TOURIST PARK
Lakes Drive, Lake Eacham (MAP)
Phone (07) 4095 3730
link coming soon

Just a walk from the pristine waters of Lake Eacham, enjoy the natural beauty of 10 shady acres offered by this friendly country park. Ideal for Vans, Campers, caravans, and budget accommodation tourists. Set in the heart of the Atherton Tablelands, you are central to the attractions of the area.

Five cabins provide accommodation in a great leafy setting at a great value price. The cabins have various layouts, all have private bathroom facilities and kitchenette, and are insect screened. Camping and van sites are situated on 10 shady acres of park like grounds. Large drive through sites are available for caravans and large campervans.


The Lake Eacham Hotel, otherwsie known as the Yungaburra pub.Affordable Yungaburra accommodation at The Lake Eacham Hotel.LAKE EACHAM HOTEL
(Yungaburra Pub)
29 Gordonvale Road, Yungaburra (MAP)
Phone (07) 4095 3515 / Fax (07) 4095 3202
Old fashioned country hospitality!

The historic Lake Eacham Hotel in Yungaburra is affectionately known as the "Yungaburra Pub". Built early last century, this historic landmark is situated in the centre of Yungaburra village close to amenities, attractions and restaurants.

The hotel today offers friendly service and old fashioned country hospitality. Daily lunch and evening meals available. Chef prepared good old fashioned pub meals as well as fine dining and traditional Australian food. Come and experience our 'Coat of Arms' Pie made with kangaroo and emu meat. Daily roasts available. Weddings and private functions catered for.

The interior of the hotel still displays its original magnificence, a showpiece of Federation architecture, using locally felled and milled timbers like cedar and silky oak. Entering the hotel guests are surrounded by the charm, grace and grandeur of a bygone era. Exquisite timber paneling and fittings excite the senses and calm the soul as guests relax and enjoy homestyle meals, quality wines and good conversation with their friends - both old and new.

33 Gillies Highway, Yungaburra
Phone (07) 4095 3330 / Fax (07) 4095 3816
Nick's serves Swiss Italian cuisine and modern Australian dishes, from the a la carte menu. The range of eating experiences on offer at Nick's are: - morning and afternoon teas; light or full lunches; dinners; special functions and events and takeaway meals.

17 Eacham Road, Yungaburra
Phone (07) 4095 2235
Voted 'Our Pick' in Lonely Planet 2007 and European Restaurant of the Year 2006, Flynns serves up delicious French and Italian food from a small menu lovingly prepared daily by the Chef / Owner. Reservations are necessary.

20 Gillies Highway, Yungaburra
Phone (07) 4095 3355 / Fax (07) 4095 3377
Recommended by Gourmet Traveller for its contemporary country cuisine, Eden House designs its menus around the abundance of fresh, local gourmet produce. Eden House prides itself on friendly and attentive service and understands the importance of the 'little things'.

Gillies Highway, Lake Barrine Via Yungaburra
Phone (07) 4095 3474 / Fax (07) 4095 3260
This charming tea house, located in the banks of Lake Barrine, is the perfect place to relax and rest over a Devonshire tea after a day visiting the Atherton Tablelands. The spectacular scenery of the crater lake is unrivalled.

Cnr Gillies Highway and Lake Barrine Road
Phone (07) 4095 3541 / Fax (07) 4095 3014
Bakery, Hot Meals, Great Coffee, Information, Groceries and Fuel.


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Cairns Unlimited offers you the best deals on car rentals.Public transport is quite limited throughout the region and it is generally recommended that visitors who do not have their own vehicle should hire a car. Why don't you let us sort out this for you and save yourself the hassle? Visit our CAR HIRE page and we will do all the hard work for you finding the best deal on the market on a rental car or campervan. After all, you are coming to Tropical North Queenland to relax, aren't you?

Please Note: There are no regular public transport services to (or between) the towns of Yungaburra, Malanda, Kairi, Tinaroo or Millaa Millaa.

Whitecars Coaches connect the Atherton Tablelands with Cairns and Kuranda, Tropical North Queensland.Whitecars Coaches, below, runs from Cairns through the middle of the Atherton Tablelands, passing through Mareeba, Walkamin, Tolga and Atherton. Whitecars Coaches offers connections with Kerry's Bus Service from Atherton to Ravenshoe and Herberton, and also with Chillagoe Bus Services along the Wheelbarrow Way to Chillagoe.

In Cairns, the route begins/ends at 46 Spence Street, but passengers can also also hail the bus at bus stops along Sheridan Street, or anywhere else along the route, provided it is safe for the driver to stop. Discounts range from 20% for tertiary students to 50% for pensioners and primary school children. Details of Whitecar Coaches latest timetable and fares can be found on their website.

A number of towns, including Mareeba, Atherton, Malanda and Ravenshoe, have local taxi services, and can serve to transport you from town to town. Of course this can become expensive, especially if travelling alone.

The deep blue water of volcanic Lake Barrine, on the Atherton Tablelands.

A beautiful and spacious apartment in Tropical North Queensland.

The Curtain Fig Tree, Yungaburra.


In case of emergency only, dial 000. In all other cases, phone the local service for Yungaburra:

Ambulance (07) or 131233
Hospital (07)
Police (07) 4095 3520